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Variety in catalogs of decoration materials
Orac Decor® for indoor and outdoor

Advantage of our products

We sell and distribute a big quantity of Orac Decor products, which waste range offers designs
with elegant lines for a big or minimalist space.



Easy to paint

Quick to place


Flexible materials

Best quality

Frequent questions

Why should I choose Orac Decor®?
The Orac Decor® ornaments are manufactured with the most advanced materials. Resistant, lightweight and quick to place by acredited professionals.
Why decorators love Orac Decor® products?
A lot of professionals love Orac Decor® . The brand combines an exceptional quality, an excellent finish and a quick installation. You can speed up and ease so much the internal renovation or the finish of the project.
Are the moldings only for classic style houses?
A lot of our products are inspired in greek and roman architecture. This artistic heritage guide us, not to recreate classic products, but to innovate using its philosophy: the use of the matematic proportions to create beautiful volumes in walls and cieling.
Can I use Orac Decor® products on my external spaces?
All the products of Purtotouch® y Duropolymer® can be used outdoors. Also, is important to use DecoFix Power as installation adhesive and the DecoFix Extra adhesive for the joints. Then, the products must be painted with outdoor paint.
What classification our Orac Decor® standard products have?
Fire standard E. This means that the product can burn, it will continue to burn and it will not stop burning automatically.
Which is the maximum termical resistance of our products?
70 °C
Can the Orac Decor® products be painted with fireproof paint?
Our products can be protected with fireproof paint. It exists a lot of differents fireproof paint and you can use, for example, AL20 (Aithon).

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