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Terms and Conditions

Aribau, 261 Entlo 3ª
CIF: B-65894834
(+34) 932 778 845

These Terms and Conditions will established the relationships between MAPROBA, S.L., calle Aribau 261, Entlo 3ª and with CIF: B-65894834 (from now on, Maproba SL) and third parts (from now on, “users”) that register as users and/or acquire products by our online store from official web site of Maproba SL (https://www.maproba.es, from now on, “Store”)./p>


2.1 The user is obliged to use the store, acquire the products and use every one of the services that the store offers in a diligent manner, legally, morally, in accordande with public order and this that is defined in these Terms and Conditions. The user should abstain to use the services in any way that could block, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning and enjoyment of the Store by the other users. The user as well should not do anything that could damage the products and rights of Maproba SL, their suppliers, users o, generally, any third part.


3.1 Maproba SL reserves the right to decide, at any moment, the products that are offered to the users through the online store. In particular, Maproba SL can, at any moment, add new products to the ones offered or included in the online store. It is understood that, unless it is stipulated a different conditions, these new products will be governed by these Terms and conditions. Also, Maproba SL reserves the right to stop provide or enable at any moment the access and use, without prior notice, of any of the different products that are offered in the online store.

3.2 The products included in the online store is in accurate representation done reliably as it is possible with the technology of display on web. The prices appear on the online store, are kept in euros and IVA is included, unless it is told otherwise.


4.1 In a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours, Maproba SL will send an e-mail to the user, confirming the purchase. That e-mail will asign a reference code to the purchase and will detail the product’s characteristics, its price, shipping costs and the information about the different forms of payments of Maproba SL’s products.

4.2 The user that acquires a product through the online store should make the payment through the payment systems specifically explained on the online store.

4.3 Maproba SL will file the electronic documents in which is formalized the contract. A copy of these will be send to the user once the purchase is done. The contract will be done in spanish.

4.4 The order confirmation sended by Maproba SL does not have validity as bill. Maproba SL will send the bill by e-mail in PDF format to the e-mail adress that the user indicate or, in its abscense, to the e-mail adresswhere was confirmed the order.

4.4.1 Card payments. To proceed to the card payment system we use the payment gateway of Banco Santander. Once the order is done and confirmed the card payment, the user should provide the information that the bank requires, as the card number, the securit code and expiration date. Us, Maproba SL, do not have access to this information never because all of this information is directly transmittedencrypted through SSL encrypt system to the bank. The bank, as our web, use the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), to ensure a secure and encrypted conection between the parts that participate on the transaction.

4.4.2 Paypal payment. If you choose this payment form the system will DIRIGIR you to the Paypal web. Maproba SL never has access to the client information, because all the information that the user provides VIAJAN directly encrypted between the user and Paypal. Paypal and our web use the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), to ensure a secure and encrypted conection between the parts that participate on the transaction.


5.1 In the event of deteriorate material because of the shipping or defective material from the manufacturer procedure, the user will have to send a photo of the deteriorate part to the e-mail info@maproba.es as proof of the damage in a maximum period of seven (7) days from the deliver of the products. In the moment of the receipt Maproba SL will formalize a new order without any cost for the user and will order to the carrier to pick the damaged products.

The user has right of withdrawal which he/she could contact Maproba SL through e-mail to info@maproba.es and withdraw of the purchase in a maximum period of seven (7) working days, strating to count the day the products is delivered. If the product is in perfect conditions and it corresponds to the original order done by the user, then MAproba SL will just return the 70% of the payment.

The product should be send with the sheet of return filled in accordingly and a copy of the delivery note or the bill, also filled in accordingly, carried out by Maproba SL the return cost. The return will be done following the instructions that Maproba Sl indicates to the user answering the notice of withdraw desire. The user should return the product in a maximum period of seven (7) days from Maproba Sl indicates the return system.

5.2 The withdraw desire involve the return of the payment following the conditions explained in 5.2. For this, the user should indicate in the sheet of return the number and the owner of the credit card in which Maproba SL should return the money. This procedure will be done in the period established on the Law.

5.3 The right of withdrawal could not be exercise when the product is not returned on the original packaging and when it is not in the perfect conditions.


6.1 In the event of any incidence, claim or right exercise, the user could send an e-mail to info@maproba.es.


7.1 The territorial scope of the sales through the online store is exclusively to the European Union territory, which is why the deliver service will only be available to this territory.
The bought products at the online store will be send to the delivery adress that the user has indicated once its checked the payment. The maximum period of delivery is thirty (30) days established on the law.

7.2 The delivery service of Maproba SL it is realized in collaboration with different logistic operators with good reputation. The orders will not be delivered in post offices, neither hotels or others non-permanents directions.

7.3 The shipment cost is not included in the cost of the products. When the user acquires the products will have the information of the shipment cost.


8.1 The user recognize that all the elements of the online store, of each one of the products, the information and materials contained there, the structure, selection, management and presentation of its contents, and the computer programs used, are protected by the intellectual and industrial rights of Maproba SL or third parts. Also recognizes that General Conditions does not attribute, regard to intellectual and industrial rights, any other right than those specifically explained in the General Conditions.

8.2 Unless it is authorized by Maproba SL or by the third owners of that rights, or just in the case that it is legally allowed, the user could not reproduce, transform, change, dissasemble, do reverse engineering, distribute, rent, loan, provide or enable the public access through any type of public commercial communication of any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph. The user should use the materials, elements and information to which he/she gets access through the use of the online store only for its own needs, without doing nor directly or indirectly commercial explotation of the materials, elements and the information obtained through these.

8.3 The user should refrain to avoid or manipulate any of the technical measures established by Maproba SL or by third parts at the online store.


9.1 In compliance with the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD) UE/2016/679 we inform you that your personal details and the other information provided through the registration form, as well as the information about the transictions made, will be included and filled in a file for its treatment, property of Maproba SL, while its cancellation it is not requested. The treatment will be intended to the sale development and execution, personalized attention about the services and the products that you acquire and the improvement of this attention.

Also, we inform you that your information will be at the disposal of the company for the purposes explained, Maproba SL will treat these data with the maximum confidentiality being the only and exclusive recipient of these, without doing transfers or communications to third parts apart from those pointed by the current regulation.

The user authorizes expressly to Maproba SL the referral, even through the electronic measures, by Maproba SL and the said institutions, of the commercial comunication, offers and promotional competitions.

9.2 The user will can exercise at any moment the access, rectification, oposition or cancellation rights contacting Maproba Sl or through info@maproba.es, attaching a N.I.F copy or any identificative document substitute.

9.3 The answers marked with an * in the registration form are obligatory. If they are not answered, it would not be possible to complete the purchase of the sellected products.


10.1 Maproba SL will facilitate the use of personal password to the user that registrates on the online store. These passwords will provide access to the online store services. The user should keep under her/his exclusive responsability the passwords strictly confidential. It is assumed that any damage or consequence is derivative of breach or disclosure of the secret. Because of security reasons, the password to the online store services could be changed by the user at any moment. The user compromises to notify Maproba Sl instantly of any non-authorized use of the password, as well the access of third parts non authorized.


11.1 Maproba SL uses cookies in order to improve the services, ease the browsing, mantain the security, verify the user’s identity, ease the acess to personal preferences and follow the use of the online store. The cookies are installed files in the hard drive of the computer or in the navigator’s memory in the folder configured by the operating system the user’s computer to identify you.

11.2 If the users does not want that a cookies could install on the hard drive, it is necessary to configurate the navigation program to do not recieve them. Equally, the user can destroy the cookies freely. In the case the user decides to turn off the cookies, the quality and RAPIDEZ of the service could be DISMINUIDA or even could be lost the acces to some of the services offered in the online store.


These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation. Any controverse aroused by the interpretation or execution that could appear about the validity, interpretation, compliance or resolution of this contract will be subject to the jurisdictionof magistrates and courts of Barcelona city, with resignation of jurisdiction that it is up to the user, just when the legislation that applies allow.

Aribau 261 Entlo 3ª
CIF: B-65894834


1 – Prior notifications to info@maproba.es
2 – 10 days as a maximum from the deliver of the products
3 – Return of the 70% of the payment
4 – The money will be returned once it is checked that the products and its package are in perfect conditions

The ordered products are just covered with the legal warranty, except for exceptional circumstances.

The warranty is only given because of defects that already exist when the products were delivered.

Complaints about hidden defects are just admissible when are done by registered letter in the 5 working days after the defects are discovered or the latest 6 months after the products were sold.

After that, any right of repair, replacement or any other warranty expires. The claims must be presented with enough proofs to support the complaint. May be included photos, a deescription of the problem, the defect notifications and samples of the products. The client must demonstrate the alleged error, the damage caused and the causal relationship.

The products can’t be returned if there is no difference between the samples of reference aproved with regard to measures, finish and quaity in general.

In the event of proved hidden defect, Maproba commits to replace the defective product (or part of this one) for free, to repair it or to return the money that the client has paid for that products.


The minimum purchase age in our online store is 18 years old.